About ACN

Along Come Norwich is a Norwich City fansite dedicated to bringing you (mostly) considered opinion on all things yellow and green.

Created by Andrew Lawn and Jon Punt we aim to provide you with a sideways look at our club. Our imagery comes from our image wizard Ben Stokes.

We also record a fortnightly podcast, talking about everything Norwich City related, which is hosted by Tom Parsley, Jon Punt and Andrew Lawn. You can listen to our back catalogue of episodes here.

Rather than the latest news, we'll have feature pieces, for example rather than announcing the fixture list, we'll explain why we think the order of the fixtures matters and why. We'll even use graphs.

We also won't be circulating the latest nonsense transfer news regurgitated by those #ITK accounts we all loathe. If you’re after that kind of thing we’d recommend you go elsewhere.

We’re all long suffering fans who’ve held season tickets for decades. While that doesn’t make our opinion any more valid than others, we’d like to think we’ve been there through the very best, and the very darkest, of Canary days.

It is our intention to provide a platform for City fans who have niche areas of interest and regularly feature other writers, who won’t always be Norwich fans, to provide their own unique take on events.

If you’d like to contribute, no matter how peculiar your area of interest, we’re always happy to hear from people, you can contact us via Twitter at @alongcomenodge or email us at alongcomenorwich@gmail.com.

​One City Strong...

Flags and Atmosphere

We want to improve the Carrow Road atmosphere for everyone, so that it is an intimidating place for opposition players, but an enjoyable, inclusive and fun place for us all to watch football.

While some matters (such as those on the pitch) are out of our control, there are lots of things we can do to make Carrow Road a carnival-esque atmosphere week in, week out. We're also open to hearing your ideas too - get in touch.

Any donations will be gratefully received and all money will go directly towards our supporter activities. 

One last thing. Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. We believe that together we can make a difference and help the team we all love be as successful as possible.

To do all this we need your help. Thanks in advance.