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Season 2020/21

Along Come Norwich · "Coventry Connoisseur" ACN Pod 76
Along Come Norwich · "Onel's 19 Goals" - ACN Pod 75
Along Come Norwich · "(Seven)" ACN Pod 74
Along Come Norwich · "Two Pandas Hammering" - ACN Pod 73
Along Come Norwich · "Good Friday?" ACN Pod 72
Along Come Norwich · "It'll All Be Fine" ACN Pod 71
Along Come Norwich · "I Got Myself Too High" ACN Pod 70
Along Come Norwich · "Pocket Sized With Heavy Vibes" ACN Pod 69
Along Come Norwich · "Windows Update" ACN Pod 68
Along Come Norwich · "Get On With Your Shambles" ACN Pod 67
Along Come Norwich · "Pukki is like a submarine" ACN Pod 65
Along Come Norwich · "Sell All Your Tickets" ACN Pod 64
Along Come Norwich · "We COULD do it on a cold Tuesday night..." ACN Pod 63
Along Come Norwich · "I Like A Cuddle" ACN Pod 62
Along Come Norwich · "Playing shitheadedly" ACN Pod 61
Along Come Norwich · "Return of the Lawn" ACN Pod 60
Along Come Norwich · "Malky Couldn't Pass Water" ACN Pod 59
Along Come Norwich · "I need to get it up first" ACN 58
Along Come Norwich · "The shit fits" ACN Pod 57
Along Come Norwich · "People over buildings" ACN Pod 56
Along Come Norwich · "Noisy Bids" ACN Pod 55


Along Come Norwich · "Get it over with" ACN Pod 52
Along Come Norwich · "Can I have a cuddle" ACN Pod 51
Along Come Norwich · "A killer with a smile" ACN Pod 50

2019/20 Preview pods



Quiz league table

Each week, host Tom puts 6 questions to the panel. Each week it’s borderline embarrassing.

Due to popular (ha) demand here are the top scores to date, along with the league table of Jon v Guests;

2020/21 League Table

Punt – 9

Guests – 3

2019/20 League table (1 point for the victor each week)

Punt – 8
Guests – 6
Lawn – 1

2018/19 League Table (1 point for the victor each week)

Punt – 3
Guests – 6
Lawn – 3

All time top quiz scorers (out of 6)

​6 points – Christoph Zimmermann
5 points – Dan O’Hagan, Darren Huckerby, Punt, Ffion Thomas, Lawny buh, Chris Goreham, Paddy Davitt,
4 points – Charlie Horwood, Andrew Kent, Adam Brandon, Michael Bailey, Grant Holt, ​Tim Krul/Ben Godfrey, Darren Kenton, Ben Kensell/Joe Ferrari, Matthew McGregor
3 points – Ed Wootten, Russell Martin, The Reeve Brothers, Efan Ekoku, Adam Brandon, Maddie Mackenzie, Clare Thomas, Ed Balls, Dan Brigham
2 points – Brad Knowles, Robert Fleck, Dave Freezer, Adrian Forbes, Matt Colley, Jack Reeve, Thomas Markham-Uden, Iwan Roberts, Connor Southwell, Mark Rivers, Jonathan Blathwayt
1.5 points – Richard Jeffrey
1 point – Jon Rogers, Bryan Gunn, Mick Dennis, ​Delia and MWJ, Paul Macinnes, Hannah Shaddock, Paul Buller, Nick Hayhoe, Tom Parsley
Zero points –  Di Cunningham, Nick O’Brien, Mandie Thorpe, Zoë Morgan