The ACN Match Review - Queens Park Rangers (h)


Well, we didn’t lose. But did we actually really win? Paul Buller dons a black beret and roll-neck, lights his pipe, and asks the big philosophical questions.

The ACN Match Review - Hashtag United (h)


Heft. Graft. Victory. Progress. Jon Punt reports back on a phenomenal result against considerable opponents.

The ACN Match Review - Cardiff (a)


A landmark game for so many reasons - and a long-awaited result. Then why isn’t Jon McGregor heading home from Cardiff with a spring in his step?

The ACN Podcast Episode 123 - A Trip To The Vets


Ffion, Matthew, Jon & Tom discuss Knapper’s early start, Wagner’s last game(s), and the rollercoaster of NCFC experience that for many is currently set to apathy…

The ACN Match Review - Ashford Town (h)


Strength to strength! Jon Punt was present at a football game that raised his spirits, and explains how that feels to the rest of us.

Flight Of The Canaries


This year being the 30th anniversary of us going toe-to-toe with Bayern and Inter (have we mentioned this before?), let’s soak in a lovely deep dive from Ewan Flynn, courtesy of The Blizzard magazine.

Let's Not Get Caught Knapping


And we drift on, maybe aimlessly, until someone takes control of the situation. Nathan Hill dissects the challenges that lie ahead...

The ACN Match Review - Sunderland (a)


As our road to nowhere stretches far into the distance, Nick Hayhoe watches some more baffling attempts at “doing some football”. When will this end.

The ACN Match Review - Middlesbrough (h)


The reds have given us the blues. Maddie Mackenzie shares an overview of something that’s less a match and more some kind of squidgy mishmash of disengaging events.

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