Same again then. We play well. Really well in parts. Yet we go home empty-handed and wondering "what if?" Matthew McGregor on the words

We done a win. A bloody win. Nick Hayhoe tells you all about it, fresh from a few hours sorting the flags at the Carra. Absolute hero.

If City are to climb Everest and mount an exciting escape from the drop (lot of metaphors there), they probably need to beat fellow strugglers Bournemouth. Andrew Lawn chats to Bournemouth fan and New Milton Town ladies coach Kellie Flexman to set the scene.

Parsley, Punt and Lawn are joined by everyone's favourite commentator Dan O'Hagan to discuss Duda, Rupp, Bournemouth and Partridge.....

Ugh, that was painful. Matthew McGregor is here to help you relive some of that pain, through the prism of his prawn sandwiches....

Bottom of the league City head to Old Trafford in confident mood. Which is odd. Andrew Lawn chats to Iwan Lehnert from the Red Voices podcast to set the scene.

At Along Come Norwich we're big fans of our owners and not impressed or excited by money. Not all Norwich fans are like us though and we get the occasional anti-Delia piece sent to us. So, as if we're the BBC and compelled to show every side, here is a for and against from Jon Punt and Ian Woodcroft

Come rain or shine, Maddie MacKenzie is there, putting out and collecting flags. Last season we had the soaring highs. This season the crushing lows. As Maddie says; it's the price we pay for the connection we have

Nick Hayhoe on that thing that's ruining football for us all. No not the football, or the results. That stupid, joy (and despair) sapping other thing.



Barclay End Norwich's Thomas Markham-Uden on another game and another goal ruined by VAR