What's Going On With The Flags Buh?


Saturday’s match prompted a few cries of 'where are the flags lads?' so here's Maddie Mackenzie to tell you all about it....

The ACN Match Review - Wigan (h)


A point. Nick Hayhoe ruminates upon the second match of the season, the new faces it showcased and the welcome appearance of an undisputed winner on the pitch (thanks for swinging by, Lauren).

The ACN Podcast Episode 99 - Happy Lovely Boy


Marcelino Núñez is Chilean football expert Adam Brandon's favourite player, and Norwich City have signed him, so here's a podcast where we ask Adam Brandon why we should all be so excited. We also review the Cardiff disappointment and make some guarantees for the upcoming Wigan game.

Girls Just Want To Play Sports


If schools removed rigid gender expectations from subjects decades ago, asks Maddie Mackenzie, why are they still accepted in PE? As women’s football finally gets some time time in the spotlight, here’s why the next generation of girls need a more level playing field.

The ACN Match Review - Cardiff (a)


Having spent a considerable amount of time on a coach, Ffion Thomas took a little break in the middle to witness a football match. Did anything give her reason to think better times are ahead? Let’s see.

ACN 22/23 Season Preview: “a Little Thing Called Fun”


No one can say last season wasn’t emotional. A group of ACN regulars have assembled a circle of old plastic chairs in a quiet church hall, opened with a quiet recitation of OTBC, and are now ready to unburden ourselves. Won’t you join us? Deep breaths.

The ACN Podcast Episode 98 - Guarantees


Lawny makes a triumphant return and joins Tom and Clare to talk about Saturday's trip to Wales and the season ahead.

The ACN Podcast Episode 97 - Hogwarts For Footballers


The boys are joined by regulars Matthew McGregor and Edie Mullen to discuss new investment, Webberlations and season reviews.....

Along Come Norwich Season Review - 2021/22


My God, Bolkonsky, what a shambles! Matthew McGregor, Nick Hayhoe, Ben Stokes, Terri Westgate, Paul Buller, Maddie Mackenzie, Ffion Thomas, Adam Brandon and Edie Mullen are all here to offer their scorching takes on...whatever that was.

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