The ACN Podcast - Episode 106


Edie, Jon & Tom reflect on another positive start and underwhelming finish against Middlesbrough, we talk about the future, take listener questions about sacking Smith, Webber's decision making and more.

The ACN Match Review - Boro (h)


Some say the definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results. Nick Hayhoe marks the moment we hit “absolutely hatstand.”

The ACN Match Review - Rotherham (a)


Did our drum-peppered away victory diffuse current tensions? Cameron Huggett reports back from a nice little trip Up North.

The ACN Podcast - Episode 105


Jon and Tom are joined by Hannah Shaddock to chat QPR, Stoke, fictional disconnects and what will happen against Rotherham...

The ACN Match Review - Qpr (h)


We can’t always get what we want - but did we get what we need? Paul Buller checks in on a slightly perkier showing.

The ACN Match Review - Stoke (h)


A big, stonking win. So why the feeling of unease? Maddie Mackenzie sifts through the afternoon’s events for some kind of answer.

The ACN Match Review - Sheffield United (a)


A good away point or an opportunity missed? It's both, but here's Jon Punt to tell you about what he thinks anyway...

The ACN Podcast - Episode 103


The boys are joined by Archant's Connor Southwell to dissect Dean Smith's performance as head coach, the disconnect and what we might expect from the weekend....

The ACN Match Review - Luton (h)


There was pyro. There was LIGHT. There was a miserable defeat. We poked a despondent Nick Hayhoe with sticks until he could summon the energy to type.

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