Terry Allcock - A Canary Giant


Terry Allcock, a true Norwich City great in every sense of the word, and also someone who gave so much back to the great county of Norfolk. Nick Hayhoe helps remember the man, the footballer, the legend.

The ACN Playoff Review - Leeds (h)


What lies at the end of the 23-24 season - reward, punishment; maybe both at the same time? Regardless, it’s all about the grind, Paul Buller says.

Playoff Fever: Headache, Lethargy, Nausea


From table dregs to potential promotion… pretty good, no? No, says Nick Hayhoe as he struggles to align his emotions to what comes next.

The ACN Match Review - Birmingham (a)


If there was one sensible way to watch this match, it was from the pub. Our correspondent Ben Stokes is now “comfortably numb” for playoffs.

The ACN Match Review - Swansea (h)


While our path ahead is still unclear, the brighter moments haven’t yet sparked the momentum we need. Ffion Thomas watches and waits.

Let’s Go Round Again: A Brief History Of Norwich City F A Cup Replays


As the nation bids a sad farewell to fate’s surprise footballing bonus, Nick Hayhoe blows the dust off Norwich’s ancient parchments to celebrate our most notable go-overs.

The ACN Match Review - Bristol (h)


Energy! It’s not infinite. Balancing its use across a Championship season is a fine art, concedes Paul Buller - but it isn’t half frustrating to watch.

The ACN Match Review - Preston North End (a)


A win? Cool, cool. An AWAY win? Now that’s well and truly buttered our pies, says Ffion Thomas. Here’s her lowdown.

The ACN Match Review - Sheffield Wednesday (a)


Coasting on the momentum of a previous win before tripping over a slight gust of wind? So us. Matthew McGregor watched the snatching of mediocrity from the jaws of certain victory.

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