Ben Stokes takes on review duties for Watford. Poor bugger. He kept it short, so you don't have to relive much of Friday night....



Fan Police Constable Jon Punt puts down his heavy scarf in order to deliver this absolute order. Do as he says, yeah?

19th plays 20th in the most glamorous league in the world. Fun this Premier League game isn't it? Andrew Lawn chats to Matt Rowson about life at the bottom of the top

Punt, Lawn and Parsley are joined by ACN away day reviewer and all round good egg, Ffion Thomas. They chat through the merits of Mario, possible plummets, missing Zimbo and loads more. Also contains a factually accurate quiz for the first time ever.

Jo Cartwright is not a football fan, despite the very best (and consistently unrelenting efforts of Andrew Lawn), however just occasionally football gets through

Poor old Ffion braved the wind and rain on the South Coast. She wasn't rewarded for her endurance....

City head to the south coast for the first of three games that could define the mood for the rest of the season. Andrew Lawn chats to Ockley books Head Honcho David Hartrick for the lowdown on Potter’s seagulls

Thomas Markham-Uden joins us on the words to reflect on a gloomy afternoon at the Carra

After Carrow Road pays its respects to City legend Duncan Forbes, there is a game against Manchester United to win. Andrew Lawn speaks to United fan Gavin Caney to set the scene

Parsley, Lawn and Punt are joined by club legend Robert Fleck for a rare interview. We catch up on the latest NCFC goings on, plus answer a whole load of listener questions.