The ACN Match Review - Sunderland (h)


What's that familiar feeling? Oh yeah, it's the dark, swirling miasma in our footballing tummies that comes when Norwich takes a surprise detour into Not-Very-Goodsville. Maddie Mackenzie collects her thoughts to the sound of no drum playing.

The ACN Podcast Episode 112 - Crystal Badger


Edie, Tom & Jon talk about the great run we're on and look ahead to a couple of testing fixtures on the horizon, with Sunderland looking to regain form and Huddersfield scrapping for their lives.

The ACN Match Review - Millwall (a)


As the leaden - yet inexplicably unflushable - legacy of 2022 fades into awkward memory, are we starting to... have fun again? Ben Stokes thinks so, after a scrappy and spirited away day DARN SARF

The ACN Match Review - Cardiff (h)


We didn't play very well. We won. Maddie Mackenzie charts another uncertain step taken towards a cheering new direction.

The ACN Match Review - Birmingham City (h)


As we attempt to process a discombobulating new age of feast and famine, Maddie Mackenzie shelves her unease to enjoy a banger of a game (and a ripper of a goal).

The ACN Match Review - Wigan (a)


Dreary and turgid football, encased in a soggy crust of disappointment. At least the actual pies were worth the trip, says Matthew McGregor.

The ACN Podcast - Episode 111


Jon and Tom discuss a very satisfying performance against Hull, 3 wins from 5 (or is it 6?) and reflect on how much may be changing at all levels of the football club in the months to come.

The ACN Match Review - Hull (h)


How many days since a home win? Maddie Mackenzie has counted them, and they are many. We're so relieved, we even let her add a new section to the match review.

The ACN Match Review - Bristol (a)


As crunch time approaches, can we resolve enough of this season's missteps to recover? Ffion Thomas reports back from a disappointing - and weirdly hostile - day out West.

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