The ACN Podcast Episode 97 - Hogwarts For Footballers


The boys are joined by regulars Matthew McGregor and Edie Mullen to discuss new investment, Webberlations and season reviews.....

Along Come Norwich Season Review - 2021/22


My God, Bolkonsky, what a shambles! Matthew McGregor, Nick Hayhoe, Ben Stokes, Terri Westgate, Paul Buller, Maddie Mackenzie, Ffion Thomas, Adam Brandon and Edie Mullen are all here to offer their scorching takes on...whatever that was.

Where Did It All Go Wrong?


Terri Westgate looks at the disconnect between fans and club this season, and tries to work out where it went wrong.

Edie Mullen’s Ncfc Social Media Watch – May 2022


After a bit of a break, it is the return of Edie Mullen's Norwich City Social Media Roundup: relegation edition.

The ACN Podcast Episode 96


Edie, Tom and Jon assembled to answer some ACN mailbag questions, starting with our thoughts on Stuart Webber's recent well publicised issues with soiled bedclothes.

The ACN Match Review - Newcastle United (h)


Nick Hayhoe has some views on what has been an extremely difficult week / month / season for Norwich City.

The ACN Non Review: Analysing The Greatest Football Photograph Ever Taken


Norwich beat Burnley on Sunday in a game that was almost certainly meaningless. So instead, here's an article on something completely different.

The ACN Podcast Episode 94


Jon and Tom are joined by Edie to talk through all the negativity and not really find a way through it. Still, only 9 games to go.....

My Favourite Norwich Shirt - 1997-1999 Home


Cameron Huggett explains how a combination of mustard and high fashion led to his favourite ever Norwich City shirt

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