The ACN Match Review - Blackpool (a)


Another match, another win that brings less jubilation than it should. Matthew McGregor sifts through the afternoon’s events for anything that glints in whatever remains of the day’s dwindling light.

The ACN Podcast - Episode 102


Tom and Jon are joined by Clare Thomas and Matthew McGregor to talk about why it all feels a bit meh, see what October holds and give the usual incorrect predictions....

The ACN Match Review - West Bromwich Albion (h)


It’s not like a draw is reason to wail and gnash teeth - but why are we feeling… nothing? Maddie Mackenzie reports back from a puzzling vacuum of a day.

The ACN Match Review - Bristol City (h)


Jon Punt dissects another City win, Pukki's form returning and signs of some fine football. There's still questions marks though....

The ACN Match Review - Coventry (h)


Another three points in the bag, brilliant travelling support and Todd haters (yawn). It's all here in Paul Buller's match review....

The ACN Podcast - Episode 101


Tom and Jon had too many games to talk about since they last did a pod so ditched that idea and just gave the players ratings on the season so far.....

The ACN Match Review - Birmingham (a)


A Tuesday night in the second city only a few hours away in a coach? A perfect evening for Terri Westgate, kind of......

The ACN Match Review - Sunderland (a)


Ffion Thomas ventured North to see City come away with a victory that was barely deserved but very much savoured. Can we call this a winning run now?

The ACN Match Carabao Revao - Bournemouth (h)


More lineup confusion and last-minute disappointment than an easyJet check-in desk (and crushing penalties, come to think of it). Thank Todd it’s over, says Maddie Mackenzie

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