The ACN Match Review - Cambridge City (h)


The challengers’ journey continues with a glorious goalfest indeed. Jon Punt reports on the triumph by our ascendant women’s team.

The ACN Match Review - Ipswich (h)


Phew. But also: Hurrah! As an entire county slowly unclenches, Paul Buller processes a collective triumph for club and supporters.

A Sneaky Peek At The Tractor Girls


As we ready ourselves for the men’s derby, how would our rising women’s side fare against their equivalent? Lucy Chen went undercover to see how we’d stand up against the Tractor Girls.

Too Close To Home


Brighter times were with us before Leicester - can we pick up again before it’s too late? Nathan Hill makes the case for tempering our playoff aspirations.

The ACN Match Review - A F C Wimbledon (a)


Another draw for the women’s team but again, another formidable opponent… Ffion Thomas reports back from Carshalton.

The ACN Match Review - Plymouth Argyle (h)


It would be a little crass to talk about coming back from the dead this weekend, so we shan’t. Matthew McGregor bears testament to the resurrection of our footballing hopes.

The ACN Match Review - Q P R (h)


Isn’t it lovely when the women’s team come to Carrow Road? Even though a win wasn’t ours this time, Lucy Chen witnessed enough thrills to make it a match to remember.

The ACN Match Review - Worthing (h)


It wouldn’t be Norwich City Women if they weren’t battling back, especially in tumultuous times. Lucy Chen reports back from a high-stakes draw on our road to the title.

The ACN Match Review - Rotherham (h)


And if you haven’t already got the bends, the follow-up to Wednesday’s dank duvet of a match was a sparkling sunshine spanking. Paul Buller is free to alliterate, because winners do what we like.

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