The ACN Match Review - Rotherham (h)


With hopes for some (East) Anglian Home Improvements dashed and a point settled for, who could possibly say what lies in store for the rest of our season? Paul Buller weighs up the mehs against the muhhs.

The ACN Match Review - Blackburn (a)


Norwich City supporters haven't had the best week - but have the club offered us a vision of what things could look like without the GOAT? Cameron Huggett reports back from a super duper afternoon.

The Savage Ecstasy Of The Nest


Cameron Huggett takes the deepest of delves into the fabled history of Norwich City's legendary Nest.

The ACN Match Review - Sheffield Utd (h)


It's okay, there's not much more of this left. Maddie Mackenzie picks through the debris of today's events, in search of something that could perhaps be fashioned into a makeshift raft.

The ACN Podcast Episode 113 - Eight Games To Go


Norwich are one positive result away from a playoff spot with only eight games to go. Why does it feel like we're reversing towards the end of the season? The Athletic's Michael Bailey joins us to talk about inconsistency, the 3 mega games coming up, Angus, Kenny&Gabby and a quieter summer ahead than most fans will accept...

The ACN Match Review - Sunderland (h)


What's that familiar feeling? Oh yeah, it's the dark, swirling miasma in our footballing tummies that comes when Norwich takes a surprise detour into Not-Very-Goodsville. Maddie Mackenzie collects her thoughts to the sound of no drum playing.

The ACN Podcast Episode 112 - Crystal Badger


Edie, Tom & Jon talk about the great run we're on and look ahead to a couple of testing fixtures on the horizon, with Sunderland looking to regain form and Huddersfield scrapping for their lives.

The ACN Match Review - Millwall (a)


As the leaden - yet inexplicably unflushable - legacy of 2022 fades into awkward memory, are we starting to... have fun again? Ben Stokes thinks so, after a scrappy and spirited away day DARN SARF

The ACN Match Review - Cardiff (h)


We didn't play very well. We won. Maddie Mackenzie charts another uncertain step taken towards a cheering new direction.

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