The ACN Match Review - Middlesbrough (a)


And we’re back once again with the retrograde masters. Nick Hayhoe slowly peels his fingers from his eyes, un-presses the red button and thinks about all the times sport hurt him.

The ACN Match Review - Sunderland (h)


This win may have been giftwrapped with old newspaper and string, but we’ll take it. Let’s drape Paul Buller over a radiator to dry off while he tells us how it all went.

A Salute To Sarge


Sargent's on fire, his potential depature has us terrified. Are we witnessing another Canary goalscoring great emerge from a Pukki shaped shadow? Nathan Hill thinks so....

The ACN Match Review - Cardiff (h)


Experts advise not pulling ‘funny faces’ in case of a change in wind direction. But with this week’s turn of the Nodge weathervane, Ffion Thomas wonders if it’s now safe to risk… a smile?

Why We Boo When We’re Winning


Anyone who hasn’t kept up with this season might think we’ve lost our damn minds. Jon Punt explains why there’s more to recent fan outbursts than first meets the eye.

The ACN Match Review - Queens Park Rangers (a)


Despite some signs to the contrary, hope isn’t quite lost. If it’s a sign of maturity to enjoy a match one’s team doesn’t win, then Nick Hayhoe is - almost - ready to receive his Saga cruise catalogue.

The ACN Podcast Episode 127 - So What Next?


Tom and Jon are joined by Clare Thomas to reflect on some good home performances, think about what next and coinsider if could we be heading towards a play-off push?

The ACN Match Review - Coventry (h)


Spring in the air, spring in our steps - our steps to the GOAL, that is. Dare we recognise a pleasing improvement in form? Paul Buller thinks so.

The ACN Match Review - Actonians (h)


One of those beautiful double-duty days when our women’s team spread joy where the men struggle. They’re everything you want a Norwich City team to be, says Jon Punt.

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