Join the boys ahead of the home game against Manchester City for a pre-match knees-up and sing-song. Get your tickets here, now

Making Carrow Road a loud, boisterous and fun place to be has been a key thing we've tried to achieve since we set ACN up.

We've talked about creating a carnivalesque atmosphere a few times and now we're inspired to try and take that slightly more literally by putting on a pre-game event, that everyone is invited to.

What does that look like? We're not entirely sure, but we do know we want to have a lot of colour, a lot of singing and a lot of laughing.

To that end we've secured the Russell Allison lounge, underneath the Lower Barclay from 2- 3:30 before the Man City game (5:30 KO) on Saturday 14th September. We've secured live music courtesy of local band and City fans 'The Revere'. Tickets are limited to 600 so get yours now

Thanks to Ben Kensell we've also secured audio equipment, the company of former Norwich (and Man City superstar) Darren Huckerby for a Q&A live podcast session and a free pint for everyone on arrival from the lovely people at Woodforde's, who of course helped us turn the Barclay yellow and green with their sympathetic branding...

All of this is available to you for just £5. Thanks to the generosity of Ben, The Revere and Woodforde's ALL the money will go back into the flag fund, helping us do bigger and better displays in the future.

The plan is to gather in the lower Barclay bar at 2pm, where you’ll be greeted by some music, a bar serving all you could need and a convivial atmosphere. At 2:15 we’ll welcome The Revere on stage, whose set will feature a collection of Barclay favourites, in what we hope will be a raucous singalong. At 2:45 the boys will take the stage for a live ACN pod, with a special guest. Then at 3:15 we’ll all head round to the 1902 bar for more special guests and chatting while the ground is readied for the big game.

Because of the timings, we’re delighted to be able to include fans who sit around Carrow Road and even those who aren’t able to make the game. Come and warm up with ACN and Woodforde's.

To get a flavour of The Revere, check out their single 'The Mischief' on Spotify


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