The march to the ground was a huge success. Now we need to keep the atmosphere going. Here's our plan for the QPR game on Wednesday evening.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Sunday's march to the ground a huge success.

We wanted to bring everyone together and make it a party atmosphere and you good people made that happen.

For us, the highlight was seeing the captivated faces of young children, heading to the game with their parents and drawn into the colourful, noisey feel-good factor. In our experience such memories will do far more than on-field success to inspire the next generation of fans.

The applause of Michael Wynn-Jones as we made our way down Carrow Road, highlights that a healthy, positive and vocal crowd are an essential part of making our home a fortress and helping what is a new team, develop. We make no apologies for continuing to do this and engaging all fans, young and old, male and female, vocal and colourful, who want to be part of something.

As for Wednesday's home game with QPR we want to transfer that noise into the ground even more effectively. As such, we are meeting in the Lower Barclay bar half hour before kick off (19:15), to start ramping up the noise, with the plan to move out onto the terrace at 19:30, taking the noise and banners with us.

While we appreciate this is Barclay-centric, we encourage fans around the ground to do the same. Then we all take our seats 15 minutes, rather than the traditional 15 seconds, before kick off.

Once again the banners will be out and we encourage everyone who wants to be part of it to bring their colours and their voices to make it a party atmosphere.

While, there is no "organised" march to the ground, we would also still encourage people to meet up with their friends and make the journey to the ground something to savour and will organise more events outside the ground as the season progresses. What we don't want to do is become stale, so will look at ways to include as many people and voices as possible.

See you all Wednesday. Zusammen.


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