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Ahead of the first home game of the season, Thomas Markham-Uden reveals Barclay End Norwich's plans for a fan march to the ground....

Sometimes, the good folk at Along Come Norwich ask me to pen something for the site and the words just flow naturally; momentum builds, I chuck in a few particularly evocative sentences and it’s job well done. Other times though, perhaps, just hypothetically speaking, when it’s 30 degrees in your house and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate on anything that isn’t water or ice cream, the writing flow is a bit more stunted. Much as he did on Saturday then, here’s Onel Hernandez to inject some impetus in to proceedings,

“When I ran to the fans, it was very crazy and I liked it very much.”

Onel gets it, doesn’t he? Wonderful, energising, quick-footed Onel here to rescue our opening day and then popping up post-match with a quote so perfectly suited for this piece that I’m on the verge of recreating his celebration and wheeling away from my laptop, shirt whirling round my head in delight. God bless you, Onel.

All joking aside, writing articles to extol the benefits of what we’re trying to do at Barclay End Norwich become difficult, in so much as those who are behind us don’t need any more convincing and those who think we’re elitist atmosphere police probably aren’t going to be changing their minds based on a few hundred words that I write.

That being said, if you remain unconvinced as to the merits of our group, our aims, or why it matters then hopefully the coming few weeks will help change your mind.

You’ve probably seen that at the time of writing, we’ve raised over lb4000 in our crowdfunder scheme, designed to raise funds for a variety of banners, flags and other display materials. This, frankly, is an incredible achievement and was reached in such a relatively short period of time that it exceeded all of our expectations. We’ve already set about putting some of it to good use and envisage rolling out the results of this over the first handful of home matches.

Ahead of things in the ground though, we want to kick things off in as raucous a fashion as possible prior to kicking off our home campaign with another of the successful fan marches. The ones that proceeded the opening home fixture of last season and the derby encounter were both incredible in terms of their turnout and the vociferous atmosphere that was carried in to the ground. Never ones to rest on our laurels though, we want this Saturday’s march to be even bigger, even louder and even more colourful. Flags, banners, scarves, any and all other implements one could think of to create a jubilant and cacophonous atmosphere; bring them all. From 1.45pm, begin congregating around the Queen of Iceni on Riverside, ready to start marching at 2:15pm.

The previous two marches have far exceeded our expectations and we want this one to be no different. Frankly, we want it to be very crazy and, much like Onel, we would like that very much.



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