With the final international break of 2019 over, it's time for the domestic season to really get going. Andy Lawn chats to Absolute Radio's Andy Bush to preview City's trip to Goodison

Andy Lawn - Everton seem to be on the verge of a crisis, but always just skirting the rim, what's the feeling on Goodison, is it all doom and gloom, or still right behind Silva?

Andy Bush - It's been touch and go with Silva for a while now, feel like he's had a couple of 'stays of execution'. At times we've been great and it's given me great hope but just when you we're turning a corner we put in a real shit show of a performance.

We definitely have a problem playing away from home, I was at Fulham away last year and they played like they'd been out on the lash the night before, dreadful. It's such a weird, tight league this season that a run of 2 or 3 wins can totally transform your season.

One thing I think he needs to work on is this emotional connection with the crowd, I always feel like he keeps his head down and never makes eye contact - his passion is clear but I think he could share that with us a bit more.

From the outside Everton seems like the personification of that tightrope, constantly on the verge of breaking into the upper echelons permanently, but also very capable of getting sucked into a relegation battle. You're the more likeable West Ham I guess.

Does Poch's sacking increase the pressure on Silva, in that he's now available, or is he a level above the managerial pond Everton would be fishing in, should Silva leave?

It's the hope that kills you. Each summer, each set of transfers I've always felt, you know what, this could be our year. And I always end up cursing it.

As a rule, I won’t watch MOTD when we lose, so I can tell how a season has been going by how many times I've seen Gary Lineker's face. Don't feel like I've seen him much this campaign.

The amount of money we've spent undoubtedly amplifies the pressure on the manager, but I think every Blue is wary of becoming a club that gets itself into a self-destructive spiral of sacking / replacing and inevitably sacking again. Even though it hurts, lets stick with Silva for now and give him time.

I agree, football is littered with teams who have tried that to no avail. Like you, I tend to only watch MotD if we have won, so who is this Gary Lineker chap, you speak of?

As an outsider, what have you made of our rollercoaster start and chances from here?

You guys seemed to have an amazing start with the Puki fella scoring non-stop, I remembered watching highlights and wishing Everton played a bit like that, but then things have gone off the boil for you. Like I said before it's a tight league a few wins and you can turn it around.

On to Saturday, where can we get at you and who are the danger men? I remember when you signed Alex Iwobi seeing someone (I forget who) saying that Everton now had the Nigerian Theo Walcott, the Brazilian Theo Walcott (Richarlison) and the English Theo Walcott (Theo Walcott), is that fair?

Ha ha ha I love that. I feel like Richarlison is becoming a better player with each game, he can be incredibly frustrating, sometimes his decision-making is poor and he does go down way too easily.

I love what I've seen if Iwobi so far but for me Theo just hasn't worked out - he seems like a lovely guy but just doesn't quite have that ruthlessness you need in the game now - Richarlison is an example of what the modern player needs to have, a mix of skill, pace and moxy. Digne is a great outlet on the left and I feel Tosun is on a good little run too.

That all sounds a little ominous. Where might we find some joy?

Our biggest weakness this season is set pieces, we can't defend corners for toffee (excuse the pun) and we are developing a terrible habit of starting games incredibly slowly.

I'm also starting to get the feeling that despite being a legend for us over the years, age and the recent injury are slowly making Seamus Coleman not the player he once was. Sadly.

We like to start games slowly too... If we can stay in them an not fall behind early, we look much better. We like to give the opposition a goal or two head start though. It's actually very noble.

Further into the future, how do you see the season playing out for both clubs?

I think we are destined to stay trapped in the great big no man's land of the mid table, a constant oscillation between new dawn and crushing disappointment.

I think Norwich need to get a run of results together before Xmas or sadly they could be doomed...

Starting Saturday would be great...

Finally, let's finish with a specific prediction. Score, scorers, minutes and even methods please... Or you could go 0-0...

I'll go the classic Everton model, take early lead, squander a number of chances to put game to bed, give away goal just before half time, go behind then get saved at the death by Richarlison. I'll say 2-2

I would certainly take that, but we are normally at our best after an international break, so let's ignore all the actual evidence and go for an overtly bold 1-0 Norwich win. Going off your set-piece woes, I think a drab game will be pinched at the death by a towering Ibrahim Amadou header.


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