With the team struggling towards the foot of the Championship and fans uniting against an owner, these are troubled times on the Humber. Andrew Lawn spoke to the Hull City Protestors Group to get the lowdown.

Andy - Before we get onto on-pitch matters, the situation off the pitch at Hull, including your protests against the owners made the news again this week, for people unfamiliar with the issues, what's the latest?

Hull City Protestors Group - Ok. Where to start? Our campaign is ALLAM OUT! Here is a summary:

Ehab Allam runs our football club. He is very well known for asset stripping businesses outside of football, this is what he is doing with our football club.

In the summer of 2017 we sold:

  • Sam Clucas - lb16m
  • Harry McGuire - lb18m
  • Andrew Robertson - lb10m
  • Eldin Jakupovic - lb2.5m
  • Tom Huddleston - lb2.5m
  • Ahmed Elmohamdy - lb1m
  • Curtis Davies - lb500k

Total - lb50.5m

We brought in:

  • Kevin Stewart - lb4m
  • Nouha Dicko - lb3m
  • Jon Toral - lb3m
  • Stephen Kingsley - lb3m
  • Jackson Irvine - lb2m
  • Ondrej Mazuch - lb2m

Total - lb17m

Meaning we made a profit of - lb33m

This is on top of the numerous parachute payments received for previous relegations from the Premier League.

In August 2013 Ehab Allam tried to change our name to Hull Tigers, eventually he was unsuccessful but since then our club has lost everything.

The club's website is, it should be

Since October 2017 we have actively protested at all games we can, Mainly the televised games.

This has prompted Ehab Allam to publicly stating he will change:

o Concession prices for tickets
o The Club crest back to the original
o What the club will be called

However, none of the above has been implemented yet. Then this week four of our members have had banning orders issued to them for protesting, ranging from 3 months to 3 years

It sounds like an absolute nightmare and a timely reminder to those who want Delia to sell our club to the first multi-millionaire to flutter their eyelashes.

The Football Supporter Federation are taking up the case for the banned fans, is that right? The recent tennis ball protest caused a stir, what's planned for Saturday?

We initially did the stress ball protest firstly back in October 2017 against Nottingham Forest which was on Sky Sports.

That prompted our owners to meet with fans for the first time in 4 years, but all the meeting provided was fake promises, so we did another protest recently against Sheffield United on Sky Sports. This time we did the stress balls again, but also consistently blowing whistles throughout the game, some of us tried to invade the pitch and some did when the game was finished.

This has prompted our demands being verbally agreed, but no actions have been taken toward implementing them yet.

A result of this is our 4 main members are now banned from entering the grounds of the stadium.

Any plans for Saturday we will not reveal, but yes, the FSF are backing us.

Fair enough. What's the end game? Fan ownership or a different owner? If the latter, are there any in the pipeline?

There have been numerous bids placed to take over the club, recently the new owners of Reading and Barnsley wanted Hull City first, but due to the ridiculous demands they backed away.

Apparently, there is new interest which depends on if we stay up

That takes us nicely into Saturday, is this a game you're looking at as a key one to win in the fight against the drop?

Yes, is the short answer and we have not forgotten about our previous encounter were there was 8 minutes added time from nowhere and you scored in the 97th minute.

We still have to play every team around us yet too. But, I would like to think the majority of Hull City fans have no faith in our Manager; Nigel Adkins.

Physio Adkins was lauded at Scunthorpe and Southampton, so what's the story there?
It was our first of a few late goals this season. It's becoming an enjoyable habit.

On paper you still have a solid looking squad, but who have been the off paper stars for you this season?

Here is our strongest 11; McGregor, Dawson, MacDonald, Aina, Tomori, Grosicki, Larsson, Bowen, Irvine, Hernandez, Dicko.

Four of those players are going to the World Cup.

Out of them players, only 4 have been half decent, McGregor, Bowen, Irvine and Dicko.

Which 4 are off to Russia? Grosicki, Larsson, Hernandez and ?

Yes them 3 and Aina with Nigeria.

We have 14 players out of contract in the summer with no offers of new ones either.

Troubled times, so let's round things off with a prediction.

We have a real solidity at the moment and have looked good away, so I'd go for a 1-0 away win.

We always bounce back after a really poor performance like Tuesday night, I'm going a 2-0 home win.


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