Dughall went to Hull and back, yet he's still happy. A point gained rather than two lost, and our place at the summit is intact.

Biggest positive

The unbeaten run continues! We are top the league, say we are top the league!
I can't believe there were whingers on the back of this. (and there were! I saw you!) What!?We haven't continued our run of 4 goals in a game!? Farke out!

This was a good point under the circumstances and every point counts.

Moment of the match

This match didn't really have any moments. However, if pushed I'd say that between minute 87 and minute 90, excitement levels managed to get above 'tepid' as The Canaries finally started to put something together culminating in a series of attacks that finally got the pulse racing and did at least show promise of a goal (albeit, included in the skirmishes were two 'Tettey specials" that both threatened the corner flag more than Hull City's goal!).

Random star performer

The 5' 7" of football heaven that is Emi Buendia did it for me. He really is a trooper. Would comparisons to Maradonna be OTT? (If not for stature alone?). He was busy, committed, skilful and creative. There was a turn down the other end in the first half (Ithink it was him) that was so quick, masterful and balletic that I audibly gasped. Add to that a last ditch covering tackle on the edge of his own box and it was a near consummate performance from the Argentinian.

Weekly whinge

I'm not going to. I'm happy. Would have liked to have come away with more but this is the Championship and anyone can win (or draw) against anyone else.

Farke watch

There is no doubting that this was a Norwich side who were missing Mo Leitner and his absence might explain something of the change in form. I hope this is not significant though. One of the real strengths of this season's Farke approach is that it doesn't ride on the shoulders of starlets and individuals but that our success is a result of a squad of players that are skilled, committed, motivated and play the 'method' consistently. What was clear last night was that DF wanted all three points, the approach was consistent, the intent was there, the substitutions were timely, responsive and were made with intent. It just didn't click on the night, and credit to Hull City, they were pretty resolute in defence. There will be other times like this but on another day we would come home with all 3.

Atmosphere rating
Good turn out considering it was a miserable, wet Tuesday evening in Hull. Despite that, the assembled Y'army made the best of things. I hadn't heard Buendia's song before - and he warranted its frequent renditions. The stalwarts at the back kept things going well too. Shame the home support was so sparse and in such poor voice, never really got anything going: "Top of the league, you're having a laugh!" Yes we are, and we are. Thanks.


Let's face it, conditions were dreadful and City definitely struggled to come to terms with the surface. The rain could only really be described as 'biblical' and this did not suit the precise passing game we've become used to. Uncharacteristically, possession was given away too frequently; the tight, flowing game was looser and less fluid. Things just didn't click the way they have been. Do we worry? No.

No fires were lit, no fireworks went off nor lights blazed but then one of these games was always going to come along. The trick is to put this behind us, move on and sniff out the next points.

Who among us would not have taken top of the league by just the one point going into December? Not one of us. And that lofty status is the result of glorious comebacks, frustrating defeats, goal-fests, nail-biters and rainy, boring, goalless draws in Hull. A successful season in the Championship will always be a mixture; what we saw in Hull was just one ingredient which needs to be savoured as part of the whole cake. A cake, by the way, that we all hope will be bedecked by the juiciest cherry come May.


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