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In the first of a new monthly rant, Mr Carrow tells Along Come Norwich what’s getting on his wick. He’s not a happy badger and everyone’s a target, let him tell you all about it…. The first thing to say is that I’m delighted we got three points on Saturday. Winning is the name of […]

In the first of a new monthly rant, Mr Carrow tells Along Come Norwich what's getting on his wick. He's not a happy badger and everyone's a target, let him tell you all about it....
The first thing to say is that I'm delighted we got three points on Saturday. Winning is the name of the game and the result puts us that bit closer to our seasons objective. Yes, there's a "but" coming.

I just can't help feeling that it's all gone a bit "Hughton". Stale, changing the team for changes sake but more that Alex Neil will just keep getting a win here and there to stave off the pressure.

Cardiff were terrible but we only stumbled past them and rather than turning a corner this was just papering over the obvious cracks that have appeared.

Dropping Naismith from the squad was positive but then he countered that by picking Russell Bloody Martin at centre back. The bloke is a bang average right back and it doesn't matter how many times he plays there or where Scotland play him, he'll never be a centre back while he's got a hole in his arse. Imagine if you were in Ryan Bennett's shoes? Best young centre back at the club and getting dropped because Russ is "a nice bloke". I'll be amazed if he sticks it for much longer.

Then he goes and plays a whole host of defensive midfielders. For a home game against Cardiff!!!! It beggars belief. I suppose in some ways his hands were tied because all our new signings are unfit. Do we seek out these players? Klose, Naismith, Canos and Oliveira all short of fitness when they arrive. Would we buy a lame dog? Probably looking at our recruitment. In fact we'd probably buy a dead dog.

That said, could we afford a dead dog?

Can someone please show me where all the money has gone? Apparently we received lb20m in June, we've flogged Redmond for lb10m+ and there's no way we've done lb30m.

Did we spunk it all on that monstrosity of a screen or has it gone to develop Colney? Mind, we could have the best facilities in world footy but if there's no bugger to train there what's the point?

It's about time we got some straight answers rather than a straight bat. They've let us down, Alex Neil down and embarrassed themselves. It's about time we found out why rather than wheeling out the same old clich'ed lip service that some of our fans swallow without so much of a whimper.

If we're ever going to move forward as a club, it's time to rid the deadwood at the top and actually SEEK the investment we need rather than this head in the sand "not for sale" crap.

Then maybe, just maybe it really will be onwards and upwards.

While we maintain this outdated ownership model and continue with "jobs for pals" recruitment which has seen Fry, Phillips, McNally and now Tom Smith and Jez Moxey sit on the board, we'll go nowhere.

This is only made worse by the "happy to be here" fan base who continue to cheer mediocre performances and accept below par results.

Nobody wants to see Delia chased out but her time is surely up. Be careful what we wish for? Rubbish. That kind of attitude didn't discover the new world or put a man on the moon. It won't see us become an established top flight club either.

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