A great point against the division's form side or a frustrating afternoon where City could have taken all 3 points? Possibly both, but let Jon Punt and Andrew Lawn give you their views and hot takes...

Random star performer

It's quickly becoming more predictable than a Canary Call rant being proceeded by the words; "I didn't go today but I've been a fan since the 59 cup run..." but Tom Trybull was again immense. Tidy, positive, thunderous in the challenge and better aerially than his height suggests, the boy from Berlin looks a real find. The discovery by Jon Rogers (BGH from that there Twitter), that TT is currently not sponsored and the subsequent suggestion that as fans we do this, with the money going to CSF, is an excellent one in our book and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is to support it. Watch. This. Space.

A mention too for the Bristol City kitman/coach/whoever he was though. If you were in the ground 15 minutes before kick off you'd have witnessed the curious yet glorious sensation of him despatching the ball into the away fans, for them to return by head or any other body limb they cared to use. He did it with alarming accuracy too. While it was a small gesture, it demonstrated a potential togetherness between supporters and the coaching staff which is often all too absent in the modern game.

Moment of the match

Not one moment, but several similar incidences which typified the new found work rate the Farke regime is attempting to instil. Upon losing the ball when trying to beat their man, or emerging from a 50/50 challenge, it would have been easy to look to someone else to mop up the mess. However, Trybull, Reed and Wildschut all chose not to rely on their team mates, charging down their man and winning the ball back. It's the little things that can mean a lot sometimes.

In addition, Korey Smith making his way over to applaud the Barclay, who reciprocated warmly, was a nice touch all round.

Referee watch

Seemed hugely inconsistent ruling differently for seemingly identical challenges within seconds of each other numerous times. Both sides benefitted from this indecisiveness however.

Biggest positive to take

Another clean sheet allayed to 4 or 5 good chances to win the game. The back 4 is developing a very solid look to it and limited a very efficient and hardworking Bristol City side to long range efforts. A Bristol City side also boasting the most goals in the division and top scorer in the shape of Bobby Reid.

This is all allied to the fact Grant Hanley, lauded by many to be just the type of no nonsense defender we sorely needed, can't even get a touch right now. Ivo even showed signs of real defensive prowess. Maybe the armband has given him special powers.

Weekly whinge

The appearance of a 'Football Lads Alliance' flag in the Snake Pit midway through the second half. Come on everyone, we're much better than a branch of the EDL boys brigade desperate to whip up division under the pretence of footballing togetherness. Kudos to the quick thinking steward who quickly removed it.

Atmosphere rating

It went in fits and starts. Some really good moments, but again too often it is the same quorum trying to sustain it and receiving little in the way of support.

However. during a quiet second half praise should be given to the Snake Pit, who tried to raise the volume levels with some success.

The new Mario Steiperman song to the tune of Dusty Springfield's 'Son of a Preacher Man' is excellent and as it catches on is likely to become another terrace favourite, who doesn't love a tune plucked straight from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack?


Good if not excellent but if Norwich follow it up with another point (or even more) Tuesday night up at Middlesbrough this is developing into a very solid run of form. With every passing game Farke is also able to mould the side in his image as familiarity grows and confidence comes back. There will be more bumps in the road, but this is starting to feel like a team you can once again trust to at least turn up and be in each and every contest. After last season (and Millwall and Villa this) we would have been dreading Tuesday and writing it off as a defeat before Club Cabbage left Carrow Road, credit must go to Farke and everyone connected to this side that hope is returning.

That said, there's work to do, but its something the management team recognise. Finding a fluid three to work behind Cameron Jerome would have helped his cause immensely. More intelligent movement in and around the opponent's box coupled with better decision making will also help. With little time at Colney before the international break however it a case of remaining solid for now and trusting that Nelson's return will bring with it a more potent offensive threat.

While you're here.

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To celebrate the latest Barclay classic chant, Farkelife we've done another one. As always, we take no profit from these and put all the profits back into the site and things we can all enjoy


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