Phew. Where do you begin with that one? A day to remember that began with hundreds of City's diverse fanbase congregating together for a sing-song and ended with celebrations drenched in sweet, sweet schadenfreude. Oh no. How awful...

Random star performer
It would be easy to pick a Grant Hanley, an Alex Tettey or a James Maddison. All three contributed positively, the latter putting in a second half performance full of purpose and guile.

However, purely for the #lolz, it has to be the poor Ipswich fan who not only decided to film the closing moments of the match in the vain hope of a victorious final whistle, but then proceeded to upload it to social media. It spoke volumes of the anxiety which has crept in over 9 long winless years for the boys in blue, as Hanley collected the ball ahead of Bartosz Bialkowski all the hapless videographer could do is shout "SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT." Shit indeed.

Thanks anonymous Ipswich fan, an excellent contribution to derby day.

Moment of the match
There can only be one. The kind of moment that keeps bringing you back to the football, no matter how turgid your team's performances have been, or will be in the future. Timm Klose rising imperiously at the far post to nod home only tells half the story however. Grant Hanley (you magnificent bastard) racing to chase a lost cause, quickly spinning then delivering the most telling of crosses offered just reward to a City side who'd been largely dominant in the second half.

Then there were the "moments of the aftermath" (which we will probably immediately drop as a feature).

First, the aforementioned Ipswich fan footage, which, like all the best comedy films offers added extras on each extra viewing. There's the beautifully crushing audio. There's the carnage in the Barclay and there's another glimpse into Hanley's heroics, having created the goal, as he turned arms aloft to the travelling faithful, just to remind them to allow the moment to sink in.

Then there were the concourse numpties so disturbed by the presence of a light, not emanating from the sun, they took it upon themselves to investigate this witchcraft, ripping it from the roof and then batting it around like kittens and a ball of string, handily recording the event for po(lice)sterity. Top work.

With social media celebrations not quite finished there, the Radio Suffolk commentary appeared; "Oh no. How awful. Will Ipswich ever beat them again?" Just lovely.

Farke watch
Mick McCarthy did an admirable job (even before telling his own fans to fuck right off) in matching up City's three at the back and largely congesting the areas in which we wanted to play. Increasingly it looks a deeply unhappy marriage for Mick and Suffolk and you fear that 6 months down the line, when the divorce finally comes through, both might realise the grass isn't always greener.

Half-time tactical switches, to allow Maddison more freedom and Leitner to get on the ball, were central to Norwich's second half improvement. That said, the late substitutions are often perplexing. With City well on top, an earlier injection of pace may just have made the difference before all the late theatrics.

Biggest positive to take
This side isn't easily beaten anymore. For roughly six minutes, we all felt something we hadn't felt in a long, long time. The sad realisation that your bitter rivals were going to walk away with the bragging rights had descended upon most supporters. A number of people were walking for the exits, not wishing to see that lot celebrate what would surely have resulted in another star being added to their replica shirts. The players didn't share that sense of despair and carried on right to the end.

In doing so, another Carrow Road memory was written. Yes this was only a draw, but the celebrations that followed were much more schadenfreudey than that. This was not a point we were celebrating, it was denying them a win they so desperately crave.

Weekend whinge
As much as Big Mick set up his side to contain, press high and feed off our errors, Norwich looked nervy during a first half which the visitors more than shaded. As an attacking force we rarely clicked in the first 45, and that is becoming a pattern at Carrow Road. Tactically their needs to be a different impetus at home, which is something this side has struggled with over the season.

Atmosphere rating
Kudos to the club for allowing a drum to be brought into the ground. While some may deem it unnecessary, it helped galvanise the more vocal pockets of fans dispersed around Blocks D and E, whose noise became more infectious as the game progressed. We hope it can be made a permanent fixture.

The fan march prior to the game also helped to kick off proceedings in a convivial and carnivalesque way. The number of flags on the bridge continues to grow and looks increasingly impressive. As this movement continues to gather momentum, we hope that will become a regular matchday sight. Conversations are afoot about doing it again, possibly for the final game of the season.

Finally, from ourselves and Barclay End Norwich, thanks to everyone who came and to see all sections of Norwich's diverse fan base enjoying themselves was particularly encouraging.

Derby day is rarely an enjoyable affair, yet the closing stages of the match were punctuated with unbridled joy on both sides of the border.

The fact City found a way to claw their way back into a match which felt lost bodes well for the challenges ahead. This season may well be all over bar the shouting, but the togetherness and spirit which is being fostered around Colney is continuing to manifest itself on the pitch.

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