QPR (A) – The ACN Review


One step closer to the title. Here's Nick Hayhoe talking nicely about Tim Krul among others....

Biggest Positive

Win. Nearly the title. Best second tier away record in English football history. Smiling Tettey with last minute cameo etc etc…

But did you see Kenny’s cross to Aarons?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!

Weekend Whinge

I know next to nothing about the actual mechanics of football tactics, but QPR appeared to me as one of the few sides this season who tried to out press and out play us for whom it nearly paid off. 3-1 was definitely a flattering scoreline in a hugely entertaining, energetic match and – like a number of occasions over the last few weeks – will be a solid warning to all ahead of next season’s test considering we didn’t always hold the line (which is fair enough considering the the makeshift look to the back four right now) as well as we should have done.

Moment of the Match

Two moments here that were Very Important to the Outcome of the GameTM: First one was the penalty save from Timothy Krul who clearly has some sort of dark telekenetic force when it comes to penalty takers, and the second one, actually far more important in my mind, was a spurned chance from QPR from a lapse of defensive concentration just as momentum was seriously swinging their way after their goal. I genuinely thought we were going to lose the game during that period, such was the hole we’d fallen into, and it was Charlie Austin (who I couldn’t believe is still playing, and playing well, at this level – until I saw that he is, inexplicably, the same age as Teemu Pukki) heading wide from a pinpoint cross that killed the momentum switch and allowed us to score our third.

Farke Watch

What’s your hangover cure of choice? Bacon roll (or nearest non-meat equivalent)? A bin lorry of McDonalds hashbrowns? Full fat Coke and a bagel? More alcohol? I am all about the Lucozade, ibuprofen and as much salty food as possible myself. Regardless whatever Daniel Farke used since the sore heads of last week clearly worked in clearing some of the foggier minds that seemed apparent on Tuesday night and, with some minor exceptions, we were once again the well oiled machine we all know we are.

The Grant Hanley Award for Random Star Performer

The aforementioned Hanley didn’t actually have the best of games (yeah I am not sure what that challenge was about either) but luckily Tim Krul did. Tim has been a bit of an unsung hero this season, considering the Barry Butler chat has been about Emi, Skipp, Pukki, Hanley and one or two others, and he’s quietly gone about his business as we all know he can. In this match, however (like Hanley a few weeks ago), he was one of only a few who properly got into top gear – and won us the game as a result.

Also special “Cheers Buh Award” for Seny Dieng, who had a shocker all game with his feet, should have been penalised for picking the ball up outside of his box (it’s not an automatic red, by the way) and whose error for the first goal properly shifted momentum our way in a first half that was in the balance.


A nice win without really getting out of 4th gear against a QPR side whom if they manage to get the right players in for the style of football they are trying to play, and don’t get spooked by what is a poor year for them in terms of league position, could be a real force next season.

I had a lovely dream the other day that we came out at Carrow Road at the first game back with a full crowd to the sounds of Morricone’s The Ecstasy of Gold (Metallica style), with roaring stands and a riot of flags. There’s still a long wait. The longest of waits. But we’re almost there.

You can taste it can’t you?


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