Following the club releasing ticketing details for City's first home games, Barclay End Norwich can reveal plans for a singing section at the first League Cup match against Stevenage. Read on for details of how to get involved.....

You've probably heard us bang on about this before, but here at Along Come Norwich and Barclay End Norwich we strongly believe a designated vocal section would be a welcome improvement to match days at Carrow Road. Right now, due to the logistics of existing season ticket holders, league games are clearly not an option, so in discussions with the club it has been agreed that we can try and organise a singing area for the League Cup match against Stevenage on 14 August.

This section will be limited to a few hundred seats in the Lower Barclay. The club have today released ticket details for the match, which will include a chance for existing season ticket holders to secure their usual seat from Tuesday 17 July until 5pm on Monday 23 July. After that time, from 9am on Tuesday 24 July, tickets will be on general sale. Just before the seats go on general sale, we will be speaking to the club about the exact location/rows for the singing section - based on where the maximum amount of seats are available. These seats will then be held for that purpose.

We do however need to get an idea of how many people are interested, so we can advise the club roughly how many seats we need. If you want to be part of this, we'd really like you to let us know, ideally by email,

If you're a season ticket holder who would like to be part of what we're trying to do, we would strongly urge you to hold off on buying your seats until 24 July.Once you're ready to buy your ticket after this time you'll simply need to call the ticket office on 01603 721902 and state you wish to purchase a seat in the designated singing area. We'd really like your support with this one, and we're sure the team would appreciate it even more.

Look forward to seeing you there, bring your colours and your best singing voices. OTBC.


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Details of the singing/vocal section for the League Cup match against Stevenage on 14th August have been confirmed with the club. Read on for the full information....