The ACN Match Review – Millwall (h)


The clouds parted, and beams of pure sunlight descended upon the pitch. And then, metaphorically, the clouds parted and beams of pure sunlight descended upon the pitch. Carrow Road is a good place to be again, reports Ffion Thomas.

The line-up

The single change to the team from Southampton saw Fassnacht starting over Onel, which might have been on the cards even without the Cuban’s unfortunate hand injury. Perhaps the only disappointment of the afternoon was the drop-off following the substitutions, when the team got visibly more disjointed and we could have made things unnecessarily nervy for ourselves. Just because you can use five subs doesn’t mean you always have to.

Hurrah moment

The third goal was beautifully crafted, from Fassnacht’s flick to Stacey’s cross and a fantastic turn and finish by Barnes. With his hold-up play, workrate, leadership and general shithousery, he is exactly who you want on your team.

Boooo moment

Moving a game to a Sunday at 12pm is always a bad idea, but never a more stupid, shortsighted and stubborn one than on this occasion. For all the talk of progress made, Sky Sports’ completely unnecessary scheduling of a league match in direct conflict with a World Cup final sends its own message. My international allegiances lie over the Severn Bridge, making my attendance today an easier decision than for some of those I crowded around concourse screens with at the break to watch the 13 minutes of injury time from Sydney – at least that bit was well timed.

Hero of the match

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this season so far is how easy it is to reel off a list of standout performers. Rowe got the headlines again, and deservedly so, but there’s a case to be made for Sara, Sargent, Giannoulis, McLean and more in having run the show.

The atmosphere

Carrow Road was resplendent in the sunshine as chants and good humour bounced around the stands with the most positive atmosphere for a long time, ably assisted by the drum. Jonny Rowe’s song is set to spend at least another week living rent free in my head.

Our post-match takeaway

Last season feels like a very long time ago. This was everything those performances weren’t – positive, fluid, confident, dominant, fun – and Carrow Road is a good place to be again.


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