Final review duties of the season, so course we decided to hand a debut to some young blood. Here's Jame Marrison, of Rewind Norwich fame, on the words. Campeones, campeones.....

Biggest positive

Our first win at Villa since November 1992, Championes and those celebrations!

Random star performer

I thought Jamal Lewis was fantastic. He is often overshadowed by Aarons and Godfrey, but it shouldn't be forgotten this was his first full season playing senior football. He was assured defensively and such a threat going forward, playing a key role in the assist for the Vrancic winner. He was so good I've chosen to forget that sitter in the second half.

Moment of the match

Mario's right-foot in the 86th minute and that noise afterwards.

Farke watch

If humanly possible I thought he looked more relaxed than usual, opting to enjoy the comfort of Villa Park's lovely dugouts. Similar to the Blackburn celebrations, he happily stood aside for the trophy presentation and let his players accept all the plaudits. Clad in his black coat, it came off for the final hurrah. He enjoyed a nice moment celebrating with Webber and his backroom staff.

Weekend whinge

There was no beer in the Upper Tier.

Atmosphere rating

41,000+ in Villa Park made it a memorable end of season affair with balloons, inflatables, Ed Balls and Alexander Armstrong. Pukki's 7th minute opener sustained the chants until we got a little sloppy. If Villa were green with envy, they didn't really show it. They were in good voice in anticipation of the play-offs. Both sets of fans even enjoyed a harmonious moment singing about the demise of Leeds United. Fair play to the Villa fans and players on the guard of honour.


A fitting way to end an incredible season. Seeing this young side celebrate, it was hard to imagine or remember any other Norwich side with such talent, togetherness and potential.
It has been an exhausting, thrilling season with many more highs than lows. All of the fans showed their appreciation in different ways. Many down the front getting their photos and some just in complete admiration. However all of the 2,800 observing felt moved in some way, like we've just been part of something extraordinary.

I know my celebrations felt muted, opting to absorb every single moment of this sensational achievement. It was emotional. Some renditions of Farkelife were difficult to get through and the send-offs for Ivo and Rhodes were little bit special.

Nevertheless upon exiting Villa Park I knew I wasn't alone. I overheard other people's tears being justified as 'hayfever' and 'something in my eye'.

Villa 2019 was a celebration that will live long in the memory.


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