South American football aficionadoAdam Brandon is very excited about the World Cup. On the eve of the tournament he provides you with some alternatives to back, if you've really had enough of En-ger-land.

Despite the Champions League overtaking the World Cup as the very pinnacle of football in the eyes of many, the eve of the World Cup is still the most special time in sport.

It only comes around every four years, which gives the tournament a special edge, a sense of unrivalled glory that other competitions can't match.

It has already become a cliche, but the current England side is the most likeable in recent memory, both in terms of style and personnel.

So there's nothing wrong in supporting the Three Lions, and chances are the fans won't embarrass the nation this time around either. Well, come to think of it, the England band might.

Go ahead, support England. Do you want more reasons?Here's one:

A loan spell at Norwich was the making of Harry Kane. It was obviously so harrowing for the Spurs striker that he used it for motivation to become one of the best strikers in world football.

Nevertheless, recent World Cups have been a slog for England fans so it is good to have a backup option in case it all goes belly up once again.

Below are some suggestions for which teams Norwich supporters could get behind this month:


Norwich fans love a number 10: Wessi, all Irish blood with a South American soul is the case in point. Argentina is the land of the classy playmaker, and Norwich may have a new hero ((c) Glenn Roeder) in the shape of Argentine Emi Buendia.

It is therefore time to get practicing your Argentine style support ahead of next season by supporting La Albiceleste in Russia.

Take your cue from these lot:


Where do I go next for inspiration? Colours. The Socceroos play in gold* and green so that's the closest we're getting to a Norwich kit in this World Cup.

I've personally always found the Socceroos fairly endearing, compared to their other sports sides anyway. Admittedly this is almost certainly because they are not very good at football.

So, unless you have a lust for losses, it is probably best to lend your support elsewhere.

*It's yellow, ya flamin' galahs


So that brings us nicely on to a team that unashamedly wears yellow and quite often win this tournament - Brazil.

The Brazilians have recovered remarkably well from a shocking period post the German massacre in Belo Horizonte. The new manager Tite (not pronounced how it is written in English so stop your giggling) has got Brazil playing like...well...Brazil again.

Perhaps the biggest reason you should support this South American giant though is the fact the colour of their shirts means they share a nickname with the finest club in East Anglia.

Can Captain Canary do this though?


Managed by former Norwich defender Age Hareide, Denmark head to Russia with a fifteen match unbeaten streak.

Unfortunately they are not decked out in their 1986 kits, nevertheless they are another side with a classy number 10.

We've also had Steeno, Thomas Helveg, Jan Molby and Henrik Mortenson play for us down the years, while Norfolk basically borders Denmark if you ignore the North Sea.

Denmark is also home to my favourite ex-Norwich player anecdote.

Former Danish Canary David Nielsen, who must have been delighted Italy missed the cut, was once involved in a training ground spat in 2005 with Allan Gaarde.According to our Dave, his teammate was "pretentious... talking loudly about wine in Italian."

He went on: 'The next time you speak Italian I will break you in half. You're not f***ing Italian - you spent eight months there.'

David was true to his word: "So when he did it again I decided to break his shitting legs like sticks. I jumped at him and bang. Jackpot. Felt good."

Needless to say, David Nielsen was sacked by AaB.

Mind you, the one real negative about supporting Denmark in this World Cup is the fact that they have that Ippo player that always plays well against us.


A nation that may well prove to be a surprise package at the World Cup is of course the land offormer midfield maestro Youssef Safri.

Safri was the inspiration for what is probably our greatest ever chant - Moroccan All Over The World.

So support the Atlas Lions this summer and stick on some Quo (or maybe not)


If you're really in need of supporting a winner this June and July then you probably don't have to look much further than the country that we buy lots of FOURTH DIVISION players from these days - Germany.

Let's face it, Carrow Road is basically a German enclave these days to the point my mate went down there the other day and came out wearing lederhosens.

If leather trousers aren't your thing then no fear: Along Comes Norwich has already provided you with some acceptable clothes with the German flag. That means there's no need to buy one of those really cool Adidas retro shirts to concrete your support for Die Mannschaft.

While you're here. We're selling another t-shirt (yes, we know, again) to help raise fund for Barclay End Norwich to purchase flags and banners, while hopefully putting on some larger scale displays this season. Links below if you wanted to help out but pre orders finish today (13 June)


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