Guess what? We've released an actual hold in your hand printed fanzine for pre-orders today. Let us tell you why.....

Three years ago, we started Along Come Norwich as a place to write about football in the way we spoke about it: full of swears and meandering off down niche tangents. That core value remains true today, we talk a lot of nonsense, use crude language and generally wander off subject. So why not do that via another medium?

Regular readers will know that most of us at ACN like football the way it used to be, back in the #GoodOldDays when Sky didn’t have their filthy mitts on the game and betting sponsors weren’t even part of a conversation. With that in mind, we’re ditching the idea that ‘print is dead and digital is king’. Forget your fancy YouTube videos, that’s for the kids – we’re launching a proper, hold in your hand and read on the bus/train/aeroplane/sofa while in your pants, print fanzine. It’s available to pre-order today, you lucky people.

You’ll find your favourite ACN contributors have chipped in, while we’ve also cherry-picked some of the best and brightest from other parts of the Nodge online community. There’s even a chance to win something courtesy of Parsley’s bastard-hard (and for once fact-checked, partially at least) quiz.

The fanzines are currently in production, printed locally by Page Bros, and will be with us very soon. We know the price is on the high side, but we’re going for a limited print run for our first edition and we’ve really strived to create something which we think is worth the money. 66 pages of reminiscing, celebrating and silliness about all things NCFC. All advert free.

As usual, profits from sales will go into the flag crowdfunder and other ACN related projects. However, to at least break-even we need to sell a fair amount, so if you’re interested we’d really appreciate you making a purchase. If you do, and you enjoy it, please tell us why. If there’s something we could do better at, please tell us how.

We hope this project won’t just be for one issue, but that this becomes part of the NCFC furniture, much like publications such as Ferry Cross the Wensum, LAOTTA or Y’Army did before us. Thanks in advance for your support #OneCityStrong

To order Issue 1 of Along Come Norwich click here


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, are these still available?

  2. Roger Brown says:

    And when will the next one come along?

    1. Jon Punt says:

      Around about October Roger!

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