Derby County (H) – Review


Derby County came to Carrow Road with a record of nul points, 1 goal for and 8 goals against from three games. I think we all knew what was going to happen... Here's Nick Hayhoe with the breakdown.

Biggest Positive 

The defensive performance was the best we’ve seen in a long time. While there were still moments we completely opened up when Derby were on the counter, there was only one or two real moments of panic at the back. The goal was a result of an act of seppuku that we seem to be making all too often these days. Instinctive from Rupp it may have been, it still cost us any points.

Weekend Whinge

The first 15 minutes of the game saw the best football we have played in a long, long time. And being Norwich fans, we all know how dangerous this false hope can be. Once the next 15 minutes passed with no goal, then the ol’ Along Come Norwich nerves started kicking in and Derby got back into the game. We really should have put our foot on the throat during that opening 15 and didn’t capitalise on Derby looking like a shambles from the start. City need to start punishing teams during periods where they play badly in this league, otherwise teams will put the wall up and we struggle to break them down – like we did for the majority of the rest of the match before the seemingly inevitable happened..

Moment of the Match

Some exquisite play outside of the box early in the second half led to a clear penalty to City. Unfortunately, in the most Norwich way possible, Teemu slipped on the greasy turf sending the ball looping onto the bar. I think we all knew what would happen next. This site isn’t called Along Come Norwich for nothing.

Random Star Performer

Skippy. Who is the sort of player who must always be referred to by his nickname. Took pressure from the back four, which is something we’ve needed for a long time – especially with the full backs leaving things open was they do.

Farke Watch

Team news has suddenly become a live streamable event, and there was no doubt a sigh of relief from the news of Emi being back in the side. Judging from the opening quarter of the match, this then initially looked like it could be our best side, and we were certainly stronger at the back. A lack of final ball, however, is still a worry, and this causes the opposition to grow into the game. Our goals still look hard to score, while the opposition look like they could score with any counter attack. No need smash the panic button just yet, but no three points against Rotherham, combined with a stroppy Emi and an MIA Cantwell and things will go south very quickly.


Behind closed doors football is getting very grim. With it unlikely that we will be returning to stadiums this year, I am not sure how much I can take not being able to go to my weekend oasis away from the pressure and chaos of the real world. I went to see my local non-league side at home last weekend – a frenetic 2-2 draw with a last minute equaliser – my first live football since the Leicester game, and it was like the dealer had given me a free taster of the crack cocaine. Randomly I find myself watching reruns of  games and getting chocked at seeing the mass going crazy from seeing a winner, and the memories of our own moments of insane limbs.

As for the actual match, this was a pretty meh affair in the first half that became frustrating in the second. This was a poor attacking (decent defensive) performance against a bad Derby team, who will probably fire their manager around Christmas and finish just above the relegation zone. Another game with a lack of bite from the final ball, and we went and fucking lost. A massive opportunity wasted. Sigh.


  1. Steve Robinson says:

    Wow!…. You and your team really think you are all – “fuckin that”…… Stick to ya park matches, arsehole!🖤🤍

  2. Steve says:

    There are definitely signs that it’s all coming back. As said, we started very well indeed and the move that led to the penalty was from a very flowing piece of football where possession and indeed the pace of the game was controlled.

    Even after the miss, Marshall pulled off two excellent saves to protect Derby’s lead. This was one of those games where first goal won it, and if we’d scored that penalty, we’d have won it and not had this post-mortem.

    Get this international break in and the window shut. Even when we won the Champs we had a slow start, then got a couple of hard-fought one-goal wins, then got momentum. They’re getting closer.

  3. H.E. Pennypacker says:

    Question for the next pod: Has Farke gone full Alex Neil? Has a traumatic Premier League experience irrevocably mashed up his brainbox?

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