The ACN Match Review – Coventry (a)


Cameron Huggett donned his flat cap for a trip to the Midlands and came back with a very lovely, chaotic and altogether fun three points. Let him tell you all about it.....

The atmosphere 

Just under three thousand travelling Norwich fans made for a packed out away end. The call for scarves was duly heeded, and a yellow and green forest greeted the players as they were held aloft before kick off. After each goal, this was transformed into a whirlwind of twirling scarves and flailing limbs.

The ever welcome addition of the drum helps to keep the songs going for far longer than they would when sung unaccompanied, and it’s pleasing to hear that the repertoire is begining to be expanded with new chants lending support to the players and manager.

Whilst the atmosphere dipped briefly after the two Coventry goals (although the home fans did compensate for this to some extent), the fact the vast majority of the away faithful remained after the match, bouncing in celebration with the team, is testament to the fact a sense of connection is returning to the club.

A word for the Coventry City fans. They may not be the loudest today, but they have been through quite the ordeal over the past few seasons; their relegation to the doldrums of the Football League and exile from their home city barely scratches the surface. They were exceptional when they came to Carrow Road, and I truly hope the skies are bluer for them from now on.

The lineup 

An unchanged eleven, as one might expect after a 4-0 away win last time out.

Sargent and Pukki on the pitch together works quite well, doesn’t it?

Angus and Krul both look like viable options for keeper at present. Neither have really put a foot wrong and I feel sorry for whoever is kept out of the side. Fortunately, this is not the worst position to be in.

Hurrah moment 

The absolute elation at full time was something to behold. More than just three points, this was the sight of a city reconnecting with it’s football club.

Who cares that we didn’t keep a clean sheet when you get to experience that level of unbridled joy?

Boooo moment 

Ok, we didn’t keep clean sheet.

But we did score four times, and in fairness Coventry’s second goal was pretty good in my opinion. Hardly the end of the world.

To amend the words of Mike Walker, you get three points for 4-2, you only get one for 0-0.

Hero of the match 

Glad as I am to see an away win, some things are bigger than ninety minutes.

The tragic passing of our Fan of the Season Amber Sheehy is something that has profoundly touched everyone connected with our club. The universal applause from both sets of fans on the eighth minute is testament to the impact she has had.

There is nothing I can write to do justice to the unimaginable loss those close to her must be feeling.

Amber’s Army is a charity set up by her family to ”Create Rainbows in the Darkest of Days’ for Norfolk families who have a child with a terminal cancer diagnosis.’ If you would like to lend your support, you can find more information here

Our post-match takeaway 

1. Winning away is fun.

2. Let’s keep doing the scarf thing, it’s fun.

3. Coventry’s mascot is amazing, and has a jolly gait, which is fun.


  1. Fallguy says:

    Great stuff, Cameron, completely agree on ‘the scarf thing’. Always looks amazing when Leeds do it, can add to a general sense of vibrancy and belonging.
    We still need to work on persuading parts of the ground other than The Lower Barclay to raise their voices on our teams behalf. The 3 – 2 Man City showed it can be done but realistically those occasions are like hens teeth. We need, somehow, to get some of that vibrancy into the bread and butter games that define each season. Difficult one that I’ve pondered for years but Carra does need to be way louder and prouder on a regular basis. Many thanks to ACN for continuing the fight on that front.

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