The ACN Match Review – Huddersfield (a)


A magical rediscovery of the ancient art of the penalty, and an airing of the Old Songs: Ffion Thomas beholds the potential dawn of a Nodgenaissance.

The line-up
Same again – why not, it’s working – with a new face on the bench after some sneaky out-of-nowhere transfer news to start the day.
Hurrah moment
Where to start? We even got a penalty for the first time in nearly a year. But having been twitching under a bit of Huddersfield pressure leading up to half time, we came back out and immediately produced a beautifully crafted third goal – including another Fassnacht flick – to kill the game and continue Jonny ‘Five In A’ Rowe’s magical start to the season.
Boooo moment
Josh did brilliantly to charge down the ball and score (another hurrah moment) but in the process got wiped out by their red-faced goalkeeper and was left clutching his ankle on the ground (boooo, and also, how was that not a yellow card). It’s not clear yet how bad the injury is but he’ll be a huge miss for whatever length of time he’s out. Get well soon Josh.
Hero of the match
Another game where it’s hard to pick out a standout player among many strong performances, but Adam Idah stepped up when needed with a crucial assist and a confident and composed finish – a big few weeks ahead for him. Praise too for Gibson and Duffy, who were probably still heading out Huddersfield crosses in their sleep on Saturday night.
The atmosphere
Absolutely non-stop from drummer and friends behind the goal and the best away atmosphere I can remember for a long time. Jonny Rowe’s song went on for ten raucous minutes after his goal, only halted by Rotherham’s equaliser against Leicester sparking chants of “We are top of the league”. Nice to hear the return of “Woke up this morning feeling fine” as well.
Our post-match takeaway
Another hatful of goals to make it 13 in four – keep that strike rate up and we’ll be on for 150 this season. But for now I will just take more comfortable victories and bouncing atmospheres like this.


  1. Roger Cole says:

    Every cloud. This is an opportunity for Adam Idah to get his groove and put ‘snatchiness’ behind him. But let’s hope for a swift recovery by Josh Sargent, who at last gets played in his proper position. The goal machine of Teemu Pukki was a thing of great beauty but worked in basically only one way. Every dog has his day. That said wouldn’t it be good if we could snaffle his fellow Finn? Joel P (can’t spell surname) will surely hear good things about Naarch from TP

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