The ACN Match Review – Leeds United (H)


As she tucks into her emergency beans on toast, Terri Westgate brings us the review from the most exhausting of home defeats

When I volunteered to write the match review it was half time. At this point the new and rather strange formation seemed to have successfully countered the Leeds attack. We may not have had many clear-cut chances but we were certainly still in the game. However as the the second-half played out, I began to regret my decision. It was an all too familiar story of defensive errors and a lacklustre performance in the penalty area. Possibly the worst thing about this defeat is that Leeds weren’t that good, and it really felt that they were there for the taking. But with the exception of Omobamidele’s excellent header for the equaliser, we once again could not produce in front of goal.

I am not one to discuss formations and tactics, that’s really not my bag. But it was clear to see, despite some early promise, that the team today did not work. Even when we kept throwing on more forward, attacking players we created limited chances. Simply we weren’t good enough, alas we haven’t been good enough many days this season. We were unlucky not to get something against Leicester and Arsenal, and we should’ve beaten Brighton, but I cannot say hand on heart we should’ve got even a point today.

As I stayed behind to collect up the wayward flags in the Barclay post match until my arms were aching, I watched a rather forlorn Daniel Farke be interviewed by the media. A man who is responsible for so much joy and brought this football club much glory in the recent past, now it seems cannot buy a win. As I walked home on this damp Halloween, feeling a bit tired, thirsty and hungry, the only thing to look forward to was the thought of beans on toast for my dinner. My go to comfort food for when I’m not feeling great.

I’m not angry, I’m not going to throw blame around, no player likes losing. There will be plenty of other people online and on social media willing to put the boot in, but not me. I love my football team and I always want them to do well. But I’m not going to demand anyone is dropped, or be sacked, or have to face any kind of retribution; that’s just not the way my brain works. There is enough cruelty in this world, enough inequality and unnecessary suffering, that in comparison being bottom of the table and winless is not the worst thing I can think of.

On paper this squad should be good enough to compete, but on the pitch there appears to be another version of events. I have no answers as to how to turn things round, or if things can be fixed. I’m just going to eat my beans on toast, ignore the treat or treaters, and forget about football for awhile.


  1. Chris Riches says:

    Sums up my feelings perfectly, Terri. Sadness, resignation, little positivity and no answers to the negativity that seens evident on the pitch – let alone in the stands…

    No beans for me, just Pie – Jonathan Pie, at the Theatre Royal. At least there was some joy and laughter in my world, yesterday, to go with the 60 seconds or so, between equalising and conceding that second goal…

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