The ACN Podcast Episode 127 – So What Next?


Tom and Jon are joined by Clare Thomas to reflect on some good home performances, think about what next and coinsider if could we be heading towards a play-off push?


  1. Rob says:

    Love the optimism guys, but I feel we’ve seen this before from Wagner’s Norwich. We’ll suddenly start losing more than we win, have a poor end to the season and finish mid table

The ACN Match Review - Coventry (h)


Spring in the air, spring in our steps - our steps to the GOAL, that is. Dare we recognise a pleasing improvement in form? Paul Buller thinks so.

The ACN Match Review - Queens Park Rangers (a)


Despite some signs to the contrary, hope isn’t quite lost. If it’s a sign of maturity to enjoy a match one’s team doesn’t win, then Nick Hayhoe is - almost - ready to receive his Saga cruise catalogue.

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