ACN need your help with something important, the colour of the goal nets at Carrow Road. Voting is open now, let us explain more below.....

As many of you know, over the last two or three seasons we’ve made it our mission to bring more colour to Carrow Road.  The best colours in world football – yellow and green. We’re really grateful to the club for letting us loose on the Barclay and beyond.

Part of our mission was always, and we’d talk about it to anyone at the club who’d listen, to try and bring back yellow nets. You know, the ones that saw famous Gossy goals, Flecky flicks or Sutton strikes.

Well. We’re pleased to announce that from the start of the 2020/21, the club have made it clear they will be bringing back coloured nets, IF fans want it. So, they want the fans’ help to decide between either pure yellow nets, yellow and green striped nets, or retaining the current ones.

If you want to have your say, voting is open now and will run until 27 August 2020 at 5pm. The club will then implement the fans’ decision. Cast your vote below and choose wisely……


  1. Callum Davison says:

    Yellow and green nets.
    Awesome European look

    1. Michael Rider-Healy says:

      100% agree with you, these will look awesome at Carrow Rd, we may score more goals, lol

  2. Kyle says:

    Just yellow.

    1. Simsy says:

      Agree green blends in with the seating

      1. CanaryWundaboy says:

        Imagine it full of fans though!

  3. Matthew Hendrie says:

    I think the yellow and green nets are great!
    And also considering changing the goal music to “just can’t get enough”
    Would get everyone rocking when back at the home of football.

    1. Cian Fanning says:

      Just can’t get enough as goal music would be class

      1. Matthew Hendrie says:

        Every time I hear the song I imagine a goal being scored at Carrow Road, would be class👏🏻

        1. Craig Carter says:

          I agree, Just Can’t Get Enough would be a great choice and so much better than the terrible one that we have been suffering for far too long now, come on ACN our wonderful club listens to you!! 😉💚💛💚

      2. Ben says:

        How about LSF las avians when walking out of the tunnel.

        I went to Leicester last season and they have it booming around the stadium when they run on to the pitch. It sounds fantastic.

        1. Ben says:

          Lol should read Kasabian.

          Auto correct

          1. George says:

            That’s coz Kasabian are from Leicester.

            Not sure what local options we could go with. Definitely not the darkness from Suffolk.

    2. Dave Backham says:

      At Bayern they play the Can Can when they score. We should try that as they keep winning their league.

    3. Connor says:

      No way our goal song what we’ve had for years is the best

    4. Jake says:

      I love whatever the hell cheesy goal music we have now. Yes, it is stupid but the euphoria always gets me, every time.

    5. Buffalo the Gruffalo says:

      Just can’t get enough…would be a lot better than that samba dirge we have to put up with, but anything is better than that reggae crappola we had a while back – so embarrassing

  4. David McKenzie says:

    Agree Calum yellow and green nets look the nuts

  5. Sam bezants says:

    YELLOW & GREEN 😍💛💚

  6. Rich Clarke says:

    Yellow and green !

  7. Matthew says:

    Yellow and green. 👍

  8. Paul Murray says:

    Yellow and green nets are best OTBC

  9. Aaron Gibson says:

    Yellow and green all day long 👌 OTBC!

  10. Jonny Baynes says:

    Yellow and Green!!

  11. Samira says:

    Yellow and green 🔰

  12. Harvey Monck says:

    Yellow and green!!!

  13. Simon Pritchard says:

    Yellow and Green 100%

  14. Stan says:

    Yellow and Green would look fantastic!

  15. Kyle Addle says:


  16. Paul says:

    Yellow & green for sure!

  17. Barrie Lee Cullis says:

    gotta be Yellow/Green Mix!!!! Old Skool

  18. Steven Dore-Blanch says:

    Yellow and green for sure

  19. lucy says:

    Yellow and green 🙂

  20. Cameron Durrant says:

    Has to be Yellow and Green for me!

  21. John Coles says:

    Yellow and Green

  22. Phil Brooks says:

    Yellow and green nets look awesome.

  23. Charlie Summers says:

    Just Yellow for me.

  24. Mattathias Anglesson says:

    Yellow and Green nets. Now please take this next comment seriously. Make the goals nets like they do in the Bundesliga, with that super-tension, and thick metal bar at the base- so we can all hear that magical clink at Carrow Road.

    1. Nathan locke says:

      Yes!!!!!! I second this!!

    2. Ben says:


      QPR done the same years ago.

      Looks and sounds great.

  25. Nathan Locke says:

    Yellow and green

  26. Radders says:

    Yellow and Green

  27. Simon Lee says:

    Has to be Yellow & Green! I loved this in the 90’s and the thought of it being back to how it was brings some added excitement when we can finally get back to going to Carrow Road! Yellow & green is what makes Norwich so special & unique, so to have it as the net colours again would be a very welcomed & unique addition! well done ACN!

  28. Daniel says:

    I loved the Yellow nets back in the day and when I see old clips they always make me smile. They also remind me of playing Subbuteo with my father and I’d have the colourful nets.

    If we could bring them back that would be great and make us unique.

    I love the all yellow and the yellow and green net. Let’s get them back.

  29. Jack says:

    Yellow & green plzzzz

  30. Steven Brown says:

    Yellow and Green. ⚽🥅🧣💛💚🔰

  31. Brian Lenoy says:

    Yellow and Green Nets

  32. Steven Hindley says:

    Yellow and green makes us different

  33. Bruce says:

    Yellow and Green!!

  34. Stephen says:

    Yellow and green, why not be radical change the player entrance music to Vera Lynn blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover to yellow canaries over the brown cliffs of Cromer get local singers to change words record and play 27000 NCFC fans singing That on entrance

  35. alan says:

    Yellow nets please 💛💛

  36. Dr Dan says:

    Yeeeelllllooooow! Take me back to happier days, please!

  37. Canaries Down Under says:

    Bring back the all yellow nets. They look amazing against the perfect Carrow Road pitch💛💚

  38. Darren Butler says:

    Definitely Yellow and Green

  39. Damon says:

    Yellow and green all the way!!!

  40. Paul Eaton says:

    Yellow and green,all the way.

    Some decent rock music. None of this modern nonsense. Let’s be really unique

    Coloured posts /bar as well

  41. Gareth Freeman says:

    Plain YELLOW nets for me…

  42. TREVOR says:


  43. Alfie Britcher says:

    Yellow Nets

  44. Tom says:

    Yellow and green 🔰🔰

  45. Zack says:

    Yellow and green looks superb!

  46. Jill Horne says:

    yellow and green!!💛💚

  47. Jamie R says:

    Y&G (the football team).

  48. Dave DT says:

    Yellow and Green all day long.

  49. Will Germaine says:

    Yellow and green

  50. Andy Schmitz says:

    Yellow only.

  51. CH says:

    Yellow & Green!

  52. Gordon Eagling says:

    Do’t care what colour, as long as we can put the bloody ball into them haha

  53. Will Parry says:

    Yellow and green

  54. Richard Lawrence says:

    Yellow and Green nets all the way!

  55. Sada says:

    Yellow and Green 💛💚

  56. Owen Shaffer says:

    Yellow and Green!!!!!!🔰🔰

  57. Ben says:

    Yellow and Green!!!

  58. Jake Townsend says:

    Yellow and Green! That would look great!

  59. Andy Gioch says:

    Has To be Yellow and Green…💛💚

  60. Matt Gibson says:

    Yellows !!

  61. Simon says:

    Yellow and Green Target Practice Please

  62. Daniel says:

    Yellow & Green diagonal nets, making an arrow shape in the centre 😘

  63. Karen says:

    Yellow and Green – simply the best!

  64. Ben Davison says:

    White nets and no tinpot goal muzac.

    Thank you

  65. Matthew Cole says:

    Yella n Green buh

  66. Liam says:

    Yellow n green yeah

  67. Stephanie Drake says:

    Love yellow

  68. Craig Carter says:

    Has to be 100% Yellow & Green nets for me!!!

  69. James Cushing says:

    Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!! Yellow!!

    1. Pussay patrol says:

      Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!!
      Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!! Saddo!!

  70. Alan Crabtree says:

    NCFC Colours are Yellow AND Green.
    So Yellow and Green Nets are best.
    How about concentric circles, to form a Target?

  71. Martyn Bardwell says:

    What about blue and white nets

  72. Sophie says:

    Please can we have coloured goal stantions too? Barber pole design but in yellow and green, obviously

    (Give an inch and we’ll take a mile!)🤣

    1. Edd ivens says:

      Sounds like us sophie 😂

  73. Jake says:

    Man, I feel like such a party pooper but I just prefer them white, because it just looks aesthetically nice and clean with the green of the pitch and the line markings. We’ve got plenty of other yellow and green decor elsewhere around the stadium!

  74. Cameron says:


  75. Wayne Harvey says:

    Preferably yellow and green as per my vote.but would definitely b happy to have just yellow.get shot of these boring old tat white

  76. Susie says:

    Yellow and Green 💛💚

  77. John Forster says:

    💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚For me

  78. IAIN says:

    either coloured choice is good with me – just dont leave them white…. zzzzz

    We need something totally new for goal music I feel.

  79. Hickers says:

    What about an all green option?
    Or Yellow at one end and green at the other?

  80. Max Kirkby says:

    Yellow and green for me! 🔰

  81. Bobby T says:


  82. Jackie Williams says:

    Yellow and Green for me too but would not be too upset if Yellow nets win

  83. Edd ivens says:

    Got to be yellow and green not we have to stand out show we a not a boring club but exciting and proactive

  84. Edd ivens says:

    I think the goal music has to be ac DC shot to kill or maybe something like that

  85. Terri says:

    Yellow and green all the way 💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

  86. paul Johnson says:

    Yellow and Green look better and players can see it where is Goal!!!

  87. To get the true atmosphere at the ground during “COVID times” do you thing we can put some plexiglass in the front of our goal each half?

  88. Geoffrey Rice says:

    Went to Carrow Road yesterday and seen them both, YELLOW has much more impact.

  89. Martin Radford says:

    I voted stripes before but just saw this

    So can I add a vote for yellow please

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