Watford (A) – The ACN Review


A disappointing away day for City, but we're still top and there must be stuff to be positive about so here's Nick Hayhoe...

Biggest Positive

Norwich City are still top of the league on merit and (despite what Don Goodman might think) are easily playing the best football in the division, have its best manager and have its best player (Buendia). Despite everything that modern football tries to do to find logic to it, football is still chaos and chaotic results still happen (remember slipping up against a distinctively average Derby two years ago because of the dodgy floodlight?). Losses happen even in the best of seasons.

Christmas Whinge

As is the way with the modern world, losses always mean people immediately want to point fingers and find a logic to it all, when, really, we were tactically out-thought by a team that took their one chance and executed their gameplan to perfection. No Norwich player played particularity well, and to have shithoused something from the game would have been harsh on Watford who simply took advantage of our off day.

Oh and burn the blue kit and hope it lights up like the petrol it purports to be.

Random Star

The lovely selection of beers I had received as Christmas gifts from various sources really helped me get through that game. So thank you to the pre-historic human being that first discovered that cereal containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, enjoyed the effects of drinking the resulting liquid and decided to have a go at making it themselves more regularly.

Moment of the Match

Early in the first half, Watford played their rugby league style boot up into the full back position and, like the trick you need to take against an otherwise invincible video game boss, discovered a great weakness against us – considering we have no proper fit left back and the right back is usually in the opposition half. Our vulnerability against this caused both centre backs issues with positioning as they tried to find a bandage to patch the problem up, and we looked extremely exposed with any Watford attack for the rest of the game.

Farke Watch

A rare day of poor decision making from Farke. No answer to Watford exposing the full back weakness until too late into the second half (when the triple substitution was made – one of the few times this season where the mythical plan B wasn’t executed soon enough), and, in my opinion, made a bit of an error in not starting Mario (who offered a bunch when he came on). Leben und lernen.


You didn’t want to read this as much as I wanted to write it. So well done for making it this far.

All good runs must end and this was the day that it did for us. A poor performance against a side that played well and tactically got the better of us.

Remember, Watford, who paid £30m for their goalscorer Ismaila Sarr (unlike our regular goalscorer who cost us, literally, nothing), celebrated like they’d won the Champions League at the end. If that doesn’t make you realise how unbelievable we are doing in a football world gone mad, nothing will.

Let’s all burn the blue kit so this never happens again.


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