Bristol City (H) – The ACN Review


Ffion Thomas looks back on another fine night for City, sweary opposition defending, Lungi the left back and a delicious headed Hu-Goal......

Biggest Positive

Giving play-off chasing Bristol City and their two strikers absolutely not a single sniff of anything all night, while at the same time running them ragged down the wings and creating chances for Jordan Hugill to gobble up. I could reel off a list of players who had a brilliant game but it would essentially be all of them. The invention and determination across our midfield at the moment is at another level.

Weekend Whinge

This section of the ACN match report is rapidly turning into the iFollow Whinge section, but then again there’s nothing else really to complain about at the moment. The camera angle being stuck as the view from behind the Barclay goal for the first minute of the second half made some dangerous Bristol City crosses up the other end look even more terrifying, while I had to give up on the commentary as it was half a second ahead of the pictures and instead watched the majority of the game on the stadium sound setting. This involved lots of echoey shouts of “FUCKING HELL” from Bristol City players every time we sliced their defence apart and narrowly failed to score.

Random Star Performer

We’ve just signed a highly-rated international left-back but it’s genuinely hard to justify displacing Jacob Sorensen from that position at the moment – his contributions both in attack and defence are improving every week, along with his decision-making, and despite his relative inexperience he seems completely unflappable. If he does lose that left-back spot, it will be a shame if we can’t find space for him somewhere on the pitch.

Farke Watch

As Daniel Farke walked around the pitch after the final whistle you could see him trying and failing to suppress a grin; he knew as well as we did that this was pretty much the perfect performance. 

Moment of the match

Wave after wave of attacks had been stymied by some big blocks and saves before Todd floated a delicious cross onto Hugill’s head to be guided expertly into the corner. It was the least we deserved from a dominant first half, and a nice demonstration of learning to play to the strengths of whichever striker happens to be on the pitch.


There are very few pleasures to be found in life at the moment, but supporting this club is one of them. When we play football like that it’s a total joy to watch, and this team deserve the success that will come if they maintain anything even close to this level for the remaining 21 games. 


  1. Tim Vialls says:

    Really excellent match review Ffion. Can’t fault any performance yesterday. Sublime passing at times and good that Jordan now finding the net. Tim V.

  2. Fallguy says:

    Excellent summary of the game. Genuine flair, superb professionalism and a real bloody minded resilience have come together to create our current success. A combination I have seen rarely in my 50 years of supporting City. Keep that focus boys!

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